A lot of guys want that lean Hollywood look. They want to know the celebrity secrets to getting those bodies in great shape. How do they do it? Now there is obviously a lot of personal trainers and dietitians involved which us average Joe’s can’t always afford. Now besides that they have a plan. How do they turn those bodies into gold in a relatively short space of time? https://www.rponlinecoaching.com/

Well that is a long story but let’s look at the basic mistakes guys make when you want to achieve that type of look. Firstly they go into the gym thinking that they must lift as much heavy weight as possible and that will get them there. Well you might get stronger but you are not going to get that lean muscular look if you follow just this approach.

Secondly, people think that if they eat large amount of protein that this will help them. Sorry guys, this will assist you a little bit, but its not going to get you to that specific look.

Two things will happen if you follow the above mentioned approach. Number 1, you will gain strength but you will look soft, bloated and big. Secondly you will pick up more weight, probably fat.

What should you do then? Here is the short answer. You have to put your ego in your pocket and start working out with light weights to make your muscles tired. That will build muscle. Only after a foundation stage can you move on to some heavier weights. Lastly you have to add cardio in the right places and fine tune your diet.

Then you will start seeing results.

The biggest enemy of getting this lean and muscular body is your ego. Don’t try to impress people to show them how strong you are. That will come over time, be patient.

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