There are times in your life that you feel that there is no meaning in what you do or that whatever efforts you may make you will never achieve what you want in life. Does this look familiar to you? Read the previous paragraph and see how much negativity this sentence has in it. Only by reading the words it includes, such as “no” and “never”, you get depressed! So think again; does being so negative really help you in any way or make you feel better about something? I suppose not! It’s like there’s someone standing at the edge of the cliff and you’re telling him that he better jumps because there is no hope anyway, so the sooner, the better. This is what you’re doing to yourself by maintaining all this negativity in your mind and in your feelings. You suppress yourself to stay in this mood. If you like that, it’s OK with me but I guess there aren’t many people who like suffering and living with no hope. Life is difficult, but it get’s more difficult if you just sit and wait for the bad thing to happen. And it’s also the Law of Attraction; if you attract for the bad to come, it will. So maybe it’s time for you to change that and start attracting positive changes in your life and start taking action by doing, for example, some of the following simple things:

Stand up and fight. Feeling depressed makes yo  u a lso feel like staying in bed all day, wearing your pyjamas and watching TV all day. As soon as you get this plan about how you’re going to spend your day, change it! Get up, get dressed and go out for a walk. You don’t need to have a specific reason. Just by going out you will already feel better and more active. And the least benefit you’ll get is some fresh air!

Rationalize your negative thoughts. Start by brainstorming all the pessimistic ideas you have about you and your future. When you’re finished, read each idea one by one as if these are another person’s ideas and you are emotionally neutral about them. Now, be honest with yourself! How reasonable really are these thoughts? Do you see any realistic basis in them? If not, write down your argument, why these thoughts are only a creation of your imagination and rationalize them. If you see that they do make sense, then don’t bather by asking why this is happening to you, but ask yourself how you can overcome this situation. Then leave the absurd thoughts behind and work only on the real obstacles. Set the goals you want to achieve and draw your action plan you need to take to overcome the obstacles and get your life where you want it to go.

Compliment yourself. It’s time for you to cheer up! It’s OK if from time to time you overdo it a little bit and you make some compliments to yourself about how good you are on something, what you like about your physical appearance or even what are your personality’s characteristics you really love! Compliments never hurt anybody; on the contrary, they help people stay positive and happy! Who cares, if the one who makes compliments to you is yourself?

Ask for support. You don’t have to face a difficult situation on your own. It’s not a weakness to admit that you might need the support and help from your family or friends. Sometimes, you can get the greatest ideas, which you couldn’t think of yourself, from other people! It’s like using the “four eyes principle” in your own life; four eyes can see better than two and two minds can think better than one. Of course, you are the one, who knows what works better for you, but you might discover another perspective (a more positive one) from the one you have. Just make sure that you don’t turn to people who are more pessimistic than you are and the only help they can provide you with is their hand to fall from the cliff together.

As soon as you start taking action and stop being passive about a situation that you really don’t like you will feel more positive already. And in this case, if you insist on thinking in a negative way, what is the worst thing that could happen? Well,

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