In this article, I am going to focus on the fundamental differences between some of the most popular content management systems such as ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Drupal. All these content management systems give great competition to each other and their user base is also increasing day by day. That means all of them are doing really great when it comes to satisfying users’ requirements in terms of managing or controlling a website and its content.

However, if you compare them technically, you will always find some or other kinds of differences both among their functionality and features. In this post, I would like to throw some light on them as blogging platforms and hence, the differences among them will mainly be regarding the same.

A Brief Comparison Among ExpressionEngine, WordPress & Drupal

In order to get a clear understanding of these content management systems, let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. WordPress

If you are only talking about a blogging platform and nothing else, then WordPress for sure is the most striking and notable blogging platform available to users till date. Both its installation and functionality are extremely simple and straightforward.

Benefits of using WordPress

When it comes to making WordPress search engine friendly, the default setup needs only a little turning.
And the best part is that the turning required can be easily handled by its user interface.
That means in order to make it function according to your requirements, you really don’t have to write PHP code.
If you cannot get everything by default, you can always use plugins with it for fulfilling your requirements.
If you want to focus only on blogging and don’t want to deal with anything like website design, then WordPress can serve you the best.
If you are happy with default themes then you must opt for this particular CMS
Because of it being highly user-friendly, this proves to be one of the best choices for users with limited technical knowledge.

2. Drupal

There is no denying the fact that Drupal is largely used as a blogging platform, but the fact remains that it has much more potential than what it is mostly used for. Apart from being only a blogging platform, it is also a great content management system, which can be used for streamlining your websites. Yes, that’s right it can be used for functioning website, general web pages, shopping carts and set up forms etc. However, all these functionalities make its set up a little difficult when compared to WordPress.

Benefits Of Using Drupal

It has inbuilt support for multiple sites, blogs, and authors
That means if you have to deal with multiple authors with their multiple blogs, Drupal can be the best choice for you
It’s very important when it comes to designing your website as per your requirements
Though it has the above-mentioned benefits, using it is not that simple, when compared to WordPress. If in case you want to build your own website you must have the knowledge of HTML and CSS. In addition, to that, you should also be having the knowledge of writing PHP programs.

3. ExpressionEngine

Unlike WordPress and Drupal which are totally free, ExpressionEngine is a paid CMS and can be used only for commercial purpose. It’s a very powerful CMS which is used by business across the world for managing their blogs as well as entire websites.

Benefits Of Using ExpressionEngine

When it comes to configuring themes for your blogs according to your choice, nothing proves to be better than ExpressionEngine
It can be utilized for managing every aspect the blog
Since it’s really user-friendly you don’t need any technical programming knowledge to operate it.


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