Before deciding to buy rabbits, people usually want to locate rabbit breeders to make it easier to buy rabbits they want. As a matter of a fact, locating them used to be more difficult when Internet was not yet introduced. In the past, one needs to look for the information above traditionally, usually by asking other people who are rabbit owners or rabbit breeders, or by showing up at rabbit shows and asking questions. Today, with the help of the Internet, doing the locating is on the tips of our hands. People do not have to be confused or clueless of how to locate rabbit breeders.

This is done by using rabbit breeders’ directory that helps you connect to others who are rabbit breeders or buyers. Simply search the directory on the search engine of how to locate rabbit breeders and it will show up. On the directory, there are three indexes categorizes you can use, which are the state rabbit breeders, rabbit breed, and meat pen rabbit breeders. The first one is intended for those looking for breeders based on the location. On the other hand, the second index is for those looking for breeders based on the breed itself, as not all breeders are listed in each state. The last category is quite new. Meat pen is a term in rabbit contest, in where three best rabbits weigh 3-5 pounds are brought into the stage and judged based on the their meat qualities. Thus, meat pen rabbit buyers are usually those who want to join such contests. The index therefore presents the list of breeders who sell three rabbits in a row that meet the requirement. You are not recommended to use meat pen index unless you want to follow the contest. If you do not know which one to use between stated based and breed based index, you can try another way, which is by using both indexes to achieve maximum results. In one computer tab or window you can search through the state based and on the other tab or window, you can search rabbits based on the breed. After you have connected to the breeders using the indexes, you can ask questions before come to decision to buy the rabbit.

The list on the state based index provides the name of each breeder in each state, the type of rabbit they sell, the rabbitry name and description and the contact address, email or phone number. The breed based index only provides the contact information and the rabbitry name, as the list is based on the breed name. The list in both indexes is based on alphabetical order to make it easy to use.

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