Holds a drawing in to sort out who will fill the entertainment region’s hummingbird feeders, an assignment scolded by the parks and delight office. Jerry who is as 안전공원 often as possible insulted by his partners, is singled out the grounds that everybody records Jerry’s name rather than their own.

Thereafter, Leslie gets a call from Ann (Rashida Jones) that Jerry is in the crisis facility with an isolated shoulder. Jerry declares to have been burglarized in the entertainment region, and Leslie closes nobody should goad Jerry any more drawn out. Right when Jerry returns, he acts particularly buffoonish during a slideshow show, and ends up passing gas and isolating his pants, but everyone holds down laughing at Leslie’s sales.

Leslie meets with Carl Lorthner (Andy Samberg), an amusement region security official who is inconceivably unmistakably yet careless of the truth. Leslie suggests Carl get more help for the entertainment region to be ensured. Meanwhile, Ron (Nick Offerman) shows a self-assurance course to the rest of the division so they don’t end up like Jerry.

Leslie, Tom (Aziz Ansari), and Jerry join Carl to take a visit through the amusement region where Jerry was burglarized. Carl says the locale is for the most part unprotected due to spending plan cuts, so Leslie vows to get truly financing. She appears on Pawnee Today, the local news show, saying the Pawnee government besieged the parks and that security is poor.

Paul (Phil Reeves), the city boss, is enraged over the TV appearance, but enlightens Leslie the stunt worked and the executive is offering $2,500 to help with fixing the amusement region. While at a round table discussion about the money, Jerry concedes to Leslie that he wasn’t burglarized: he dropped a morning dinner burrito in a spring, then, fell while endeavoring to grab it and withdrew his shoulder. He made the mugger story since he was embarrassed and didn’t require everyone to disparage him.

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