Global warming, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions are issues that have suddenly loomed over Australia in the recent years. It is one of the leading emitters of greenhouse gases in the world. Experts say that it is one country that is faced with the highest risks of global warming. To date, the Land Down Under has made its federal and local government groups formulate and implement programs to help decrease the impact of global warming. It continues to urge major energy companies like Origin, Energy Australia and AGL for electricity plans and renewable energy initiatives across the country. Wind farms and solar power technology are renewable power sources being developed with the support of energy companies in Australia.

Wind farms located in agricultural areas are among the most environmentally friendly energy sources. While they do consume energy during their construction, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution are very minimal in that particular phase. With an operational lifetime of up to a maximum of 25 years, wind farms are compatible with farming and grazing. Also, the modern wind turbines used in these energy source farms are proven not hazardous to birds since they rotate slowly and silently.

The Government and energy suppliers have become careful in addressing and consulting local communities about building wind farms to eliminate objections to this type of energy source. Issues raised by locals in the past were related to landscape, aesthetic and heritage concerns. However, these objections are being gradually replaced by nods, since locals are beginning to realize the serious risks of climate change and the urgency to fight it.

A solar power system enables photovoltaic panels to generate electricity from sunlight. This, in turn, is used to give power to your electronic equipment and appliances at home. It can also be sent to the electric grid. Solar power has the ability to help you have lower electricity consumption from the grid, which usually means lower electricity bills.

Solar energy production is considered to be well-suited in Australia. With its dry climate and latitude, it receives insulation far more than the average amount received by countries in Europe and North America. Australia’s insulation values are similar to those of desert environments in southwest USA, Mexico, and northern and southern Africa.

The Australian Government commits to supporting homes and various establishments to use solar energy through different assistance programs, such as the Solar Credits Program for private homes and community buildings and grants to build solar panels for schools. Also encouraging individuals and businesses to use solar power for less consumption of electricity are AGL, Energy Australia, Origin and other energy retailers. They introduce programs and offers of their own to influence people into choosing energy efficiency, sustainable power and other means to help decrease the effects of climate change.

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