Monopoly, published by Parker Brothers in 1935, though with roots of invention by Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips in 1903, is a game of skill, chance and luck. The final goal is to dominate all other players causing them to become bankrupt, thereby creating your own monopoly. It is the most played commercial board game in the world with over 1 billion people having played it – it’s probable that there are a group of people playing Monopoly right now.

Before I get started, I should clarify that this is not cheating and you will not be required to use any sleight of hand or keeping money – this is just a strategy to give you a good chance at winning your game. I will break this strategy down into 7 simple steps, simply to help avoid confusion and make it as clear as possible.

1. First step would be to buy at least 4 properties on you way around the board. Once you have a decent amount of properties you should engage in trading with other players in order to secure yourself a block of colours. Whilst it is useful to have properties dotted around (thus leading to an increased probability of someone else landing on yours), the money gained from a block of colours is far more beneficial.

2. If you build it, the money will come. Build up to three houses on your colour block to maximise your profit potential. When you feel as though you have amassed a safe amount then you can focus on hotel building; however players generally take three houses as the ‘sweet spot’.

3. Statiiiooon! Whilst it might not seem useful, railway stations are an excellent way of building up a lot of profit for a relatively small purchase amount. Their placement on the board also increases the likelihood that someone will land on them.

4. Pink and blue spaces. These are cheap to buy and can be quickly capitalised upon to build a good fortune. People generally dismiss these as useless but properties on these squares can yield a fortune! Building houses, hotels, or offices in Pall Mall, Whitehall and Northumberland Avenue, depending on the version you are playing, is a great way to force other players into mortgages or trade deals.

5. Poker face. Don’t let on to other players if they take properties that you were aiming for – this can cause them to spike up their trade prices and play an entirely different game. Much like poker, don’t show emotion (although you could bluff, but this can quickly be seen as a lie when your true motives are shown).

6. Make offers. Rather than force other players to mortgage when they owe you money, offer to buy them, even if the amount is lower than required. A good property is a fantastic way of ensuring wins later in the game.

7. Always keep some money to the side. Much like in real life, it can be hugely helpful to keep

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