Some basic foods for burning fat are vegetables, fruits fish such as tuna fish and salmon, shellfish, lean red meats, pork and poultry. These foods are basic foods that provide you with nutrients and low amounts of calories that turn the fat burning furnace of your body on. One of the best foods for this is water. When drinking water the body does not know if it is a food or not and will digest it. It will try to digest it and through its digestive process force the body to spend energy to extract the nutrients. The body will eventually use the water in its various processes but it will have to spend energy to do this.  www.nutritionlines.comfood you eat with few exceptions eventually gets broken down to simple sugars. These simple sugars are that the body uses as energy. Proteins and fats take the longest to break down and simple sugars and most carbohydrates take the least amount of time. The problem with most carbohydrates is the carry many calories with them that the body uses to digest them. The body does not need to use any of its stored energy to digest them. These foods usually have more calories than needed and the excess is then turned into stored fat. Eat enough carbohydrates you start to gain weight.

The foods for burning fat provide the body with nutrients and very little if any calories that the body can use to digest. The body needs energy to digest these foods so it will call upon the sugar in the blood and then the stored fat to meet its energy demands. So feeding the muscles and burning fat are the real way to lose weight. You need your body to burn calories both when you are active and when you are at rest.

Most diets will tell you that you need to start the day off with a good breakfast. The breakfast meal is the most important meal of the day. This meal starts the fat burning furnace and if you eat the proper foods will force the body to work all through the morning.

By eating oats or whole grains along with a portion of eggs or bacon you give the body high amounts of protein and complex carbohydrates and fiber. This combination gives your body the energy to start the day and the proteins take longer to digest provide the body with energy throughout its time being digested in small amounts. These foods also do not cause an insulin spike which will make you feel hungry in a short time and take the sugars in your blood and store them as fat.

The ability to keep the insulin levels low is important in losing weight. Not only does insulin allow the cells to use sugar as its energy source but it also turns sugar into stored fat and if that wasn’t enough it sends signals to your brain to increase the hunger pangs you feel so you can eat more and increase this cycle.

The many benefits of these foods for burning fat are providing the body with nutrients, fiber and most importantly force the body to burn

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