What you need to do to organize a buffet party at your home is to arrange a large table with all the dishes set on it. You need not to serve the guests, as they will have it on their own. Alongside the dishes arrange plates, knives, forks and glasses.

It is better to assign tasks to others to have everything just under control. For instance, someone serves the drinks, or someone stands at the door to receive the guests etc.

If it is a big buffet party, you can use paper plates and disposable spoons, knives and forks to avoid dishwashing.

Make this thing clear to the guests beforehand if the buffet is a meal or just a nibbles.

Make certain where you want to serve drinks, in kitchen, in living room or in a hall. Living room would be a good option.

To give your guests a perfect party atmosphere, make some special arrangements.

• Arrange some soft background music that follows the dance music afterwards.

• Remove chairs to make room for dancing.

• Plan different games such as play card games, charades etc.

• Make some special lighting arrangements to create the mood. Arrange candles and dim lights as well.


A barbecue is a form of outdoor buffet party. Before planning a barbecue, make sure that you have lit it early as charcoal barbecue may take an hour or so to reach the cooking temperature. Keep certain things in mind while arranging a barbecue.

• When children are around, avoid leaving the barbecue unattended.

• Arrange the barbecue away from the guests, especially at the downwind.

• Like indoor buffet party, use paper or plastic knives, forks, cups and plates.

• Don t serve the undercooked meal to the guests. Before serving make sure with the help of knife that the meat is properly cooked.

• Barbecue takes some time to cool down, so during that period make sure no one will get burned from it mistakenly.

• Cooking in a strong wind often becomes a big hurdle in barbecue, so prefer using an enclosed or kettle barbecue for that.

• Instead of spending too much on bottled gas barbecue, use charcoal disposable barbecue, which is cheap and easy to use. However, if you can afford gas barbecue, it won t produce any smell like that of charcoals in charcoal barbecue and temperature will be easy to control.

• Keep other refreshments as well as barbecue takes some time to cook.

• You have to grille food for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. It is better to grille some soy burgers for vegetarian guests along with other meat foods for non-veggies.

• Give your barbecue a trial before the day of party to make sure that grille is working fine.

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