There is no better way to welcome your guests than by hanging leis or flower garlands over their necks. Inform guests and visitors of your party theme so they can also dress appropriately. People can come wearing comfy shorts and colorful tops while donning on their favorite pair of flip flops.

Tables can be covered in several ways. To go with the Hawaiian luaus flops, some tables can be covered with tropical-inspired tablecloths. Make sure you choose them in lively and vibrant colors like green, yellow and pink. If you do not want to use traditional tablecloths and want to go for something better, you can have some and#147;grass skirtand#148; tablecloths specially-made for your party.

Your luau decorations would not be complete without proper lighting. You can recycle your old Christmas lights and place them all around the venue. Aside from these lights, you can also purchase a few tiki torches to give a full tropic Hawaiian feel to the venue. You might also want to have a small bonfire if the party is to be done outdoors.

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