If you have a swimming pool at the venue, then you can make some tropical-inspired floats on the water; you can even let real flowers float on the pool water for complete Hawaiian decorations. Such luau decorations are also great for small ponds.

Lastly, be sure that coconuts and pineapples have a place in your Hawaiian party. You can serve chilled drinks in coconut husks and serve pineapples in a fruit plate or as an ingredient in the kebab. You can also, of course, use pineapples and coconuts as decorations.

If you are determined to make your special event truly memorable and one that leave your guests wanting more, make sure that you get an established and well-tested event entertainment agency to handle the details for you. You can choose from a wide variety of live entertainment that can range from fun to funny, from simply elating to unforgettable moves and acts.

While there are numerous choices to the kind of entertainment that you can get from a tested and trusted event entertainment agency like Flaming Fun, you can now look at the most sought after entertainment types here primarily because the agency is composed of unique and talented group of performing artists who never stop until they can give you more than your expectations. Here are some of the top event entertainment ideas that can leave you and your guests wanting more of your social event:1. Acrobatics

Acrobatic acts are one of the best and the most amazing kinds of live entertainment. The daring yet professionally acted out acrobatics provide you and your guests an art as well as a unique form of entertainment that can leave you awed to the point of wanting more. Choose from different acrobatic stunts like Star Bubble Acrobalance Act, Chinese acrobatics, Circus Theater, Babes with Swords, and many more.

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