Since February comes smack dab in the middle of winter, I find myself very much in love with boots. I am lucky enough to have found a boot to accommodate any situation. Furry, waterproof Staheekum snow boots; leather, knee-high, brown dress boots, and orange, cozy, knit Gap slipper boots keep my feet and legs dry and warm. Bring on the snow, I’ll look fabulous in it.

Leave it to BBC to once again revive the romance in all of us with their newest creation, Emma. I would love BBC any month of the year, but this particular adaptation is so witty, sensuous, and classy, it outdoes any of their previous dramas, and find a perfect fit in February. Masterpiece Theater has the series airing currently, with DVDs of the series being sold online.

Speaking of online shopping, I love finding the perfect gift while I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop. In our world, treading the mall for hours is over. Anything you would ever want to buy is at your fingertips, literally. Whether you want a sewing needle, wool socks, a rosebush or an acre of beautiful land.

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