Under the Phase I of the Bharatmala Program, the mission could be receiving Rs 2,37,024 crores from the Central Road Fund, which is a non-lapsable fund created underneath Section 6 of the Central Road Fund Act, 2000 out of a cess/tax imposed by using the Union Government on the intake of Petrol and High Speed Diesel to expand and preserve diverse street, highway and bridge structures for the duration of the usa, Rs fifty nine,973 crore as Gross Budgetary Support, which includes the tax receipts and different resources of revenue raised via the Government, Rs 34,000 crore via proceeds from toll-function-transfer (TOT), an initiative taken by way of the NHAI to put its operational dual carriageway stretches on auction, and Rs 46,048 crores as toll permanent bridge rate over a duration of 5 years.https://www.sattachart.com/

Currently, NHAI is utilising the TOT finances, a complete of Rs nine,681.Five crores, for building 648 km of highways in the course of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

With the Bharatmala Program, the country will definitely benefit better infrastructure and connectivity for the duration of diverse places.

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