Another really appealing feature is its ability to keep a constant number with a VoIP service for the duration of its use, and wherever it is used from. You can make the call from all over the world and you would still maintain the pre-determined number. You can even chose whether to keep your original number or to change to a brand new one.

The potential is outstanding as the access available to use this product is huge. Anywhere that has access to the internet is a potential point of call, as all you need to do is log on to the network and start making your calls straight away. This means you can keep your plan in effect even if you are on the go.

One very appealing factor to anyone that is looking to use VoIP is that there is the potential for unlimited calls to India with certain service providers. This means that you never have to worry that you are calling too much as there is no cap on the amount of calls you can make. This is also combined with other packages to make sure that you have access to anywhere that you may need to call.

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