Being in the right environment

Although it is true that the popularity of a message cannot be predicted, changes in the environment and context in which the message is intended to be spread can lead to great results. Timing and context surrounding the launch of a message are crucial to make it go viral.

How does it work?

The viral process starts when information reaches a “susceptible” user and that user becomes “infected”, which means that the user accepts the idea, shares the idea with others and “infects” them with it. From that point forward, the process becomes self-replicating behavior.

An example would be a user that shares a video with 100 other users through a given social media channel. Each one of those users share the same video with 100 other users, and so on. Due to this, the message gets spread across many platforms and reaches many, many people. Once the message gets spread through repeating behavior like email forwarding, social media sharing and instant messaging, it is considered viral.

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