The only reasons anyone would actively seek out a pair of designer shades are for the look and the quality, with the design a particularly influential factor. It is tempting to think that anyone can spot a genuine designer pair of sunglasses at one glance, but this is not actually the case. For most people, it is the insignia that identifies the brand, but unfortunately there is a wide variety of fake glasses available with the insignia simple glued on.

The first step to take when making a choice of designer shades or glasses is to only go to reputable opticians, such as a high street shop or online store that is clearly legitimate.

While shops on the high street are easy to recognise as legitimate, online stores must be checked out. They should be open in their tone, willingly providing an office address and phone number, which one should call. Also, look for the Comodo sign on their site, which provides internet security software, which means a transaction is protected.

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