If your budget is a little short, you can still find a great present for your wife. Try a funny or cute bumper sticker. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthday (although it helps if the bumper sticker’s attached to a brand new car). A bumper sticker is a great gift as just a little token surprise, and should be a fun little present. If you want to find a great bumper sticker for your wife, try to find a saying that’s clever and that fits with her personality or viewpoint. Think of a sticker as a type of T-shirt for her car. As with a T-shirt, a bumper sticker should be a reflection of your wife. Try these ideas to get your creative juices flowing, so that you can come up with some variations that will make it personal.

Undoubtedly you have been in a situation similar to this one: You are driving up a steep hill in late afternoon. You are wearing your ordinary glasses, but your clip-on sunglasses are somewhere in the cubbyhole. As you reach the top of the hill, the sun is suddenly right in front of you, completely blinding you. You grope around, trying to open the cubbyhole. How many seconds do you have before the car leaves the road or you hit something? If you were wearing prescription sunglasses this would not have happened…

Another familiar scenario: You go to the beach on a Saturday afternoon. You need your ordinary glasses to be able to see where you go. Stepping on a semi-naked body is not going to make you very popular. But the glare of the sun is so bad that you simply have to wear sunglasses. With them you can’t see a thing however. Wearing contact lenses is no solution either. They might get lost while you swim. You can also pick up an eye infection.

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